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Research Donors have partnered with a small number of carefully selected distributors to assist customers around the world. Please contact the distributor in your area for pricing information and shipping options.

Territory: Worldwide excluding territories detailed below

Cambridge Bioscience is a UK-based distributor of life science research products.

Throughout Cambridge Bioscience’s history they have collaborated with many companies who have developed the research tools which have shaped the modern world of biological research. Today, they offer a unique range of products and services that they have carefully selected for their ability to contribute to future discoveries.

Territory: Denmark, Estonia, Finland , Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway & Sweden

Headquartered in Sweden, Nordic BioSite was founded in 1997 to distribute high quality and innovative products within research and diagnostics. Given Nordic BioSite’s great experience and knowledge, their sales and technical support teams have the laboratory experience needed to provide high quality support to customers worldwide, regardless of research discipline.


Territory: Germany

With an ever-growing portfolio of more than 720,000 products from 45 suppliers, Biomol has been supporting researchers in their discoveries for over 50 years. Biomol combine their understanding of life science research with a curated collection of products from specialized manufacturers. Following their motto “You have the vision, we have the substance”, they bring researchers and products together and meet the needs of the life science community.

Territory: Switzerland

LubioScience offers more than 5 million products from 120+ suppliers across the entire range of Life Sciences research. LubioScience have the largest portfolio of antibodies, proteins and assay kits in Switzerland.

Territory: Belgium, Luxembourg & The Netherlands

Sanbio is a distributor and manufacturer of life science products and services for research and diagnostics. Sanbio strive to build long-term relationships with both their clients and suppliers. In accomplishing their mission, it is their experience that knowledge makes the difference.

Territory: Austria

Szabo-Scandic are one of the leading Austrian trading and service partners for medical and laboratory products. Founded in 1963 and primarily trading in fine chemicals, Szabo-Scandic now distributes and services consumables, research products, laboratory instruments and specific diagnostic products. They currently offer a range of more than 1.7 million products and numerous services. Their strength lies in more than 58 years of experience in the Austrian Life Science Marketplace.

Territory: North & South America

Mayflower Bioscience saw an unmet need – innovative life science research technologies were being developed by emerging European companies and they needed to be made available to US scientists. So they built the vessel to connect one to the other and called it Mayflower Bioscience (in honor of the vessel that brought the Pilgrim Fathers from England to Plymouth Colony in 1620).

Mayflower Bioscience now represent companies from all over the globe who share in their passion for novel research tools. With an emphasis on solutions for cell biology, molecular biology and drug discovery, their portfolio includes a remarkable range of products and services to help advance important research programs.


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