Our Charity Commitment

Charity Donations

We have been asked by some donors whether instead of receiving a payment for attending their appointment if they could support some worthy charities. We are very pleased to enable this, and our donors now have the option to waive their fee and we will pay it directly to one of two charities:

First Love Foundation

We are based in the same building as this amazing charity and we very much want to support them in their vital work.

Since 2010 First Love Foundation has helped thousands of people in one of the UK’s most-deprived boroughs get their lives back on track. Whilst they are best known for providing an emergency foodbank, that’s just one of the things they do. They work with people in crisis, giving them immediate support and then spending time with them to hear their story and find out why they are facing crisis in their life.

They work to ensure they leave that same day with more than just food – the First Love Foundation Advice & Support team ensure they leave with the start of a solution, helping them get back on the path to sustainable and independent living.

Blood Cancer UK

The UK’s leading blood cancer research charity. They currently fund 400 leading researchers across 40 UK research centres.

These researches are carrying out more than 160 different blood cancer research projects including 40 clinical trials, on which there are currently more than 4,700 patients participating.

Research into blood cancers is delivering real success stories, and for many blood cancers treatment outcomes are improving dramatically as a direct result of the research which is being funded by Blood Cancer UK and other charities.