Coronavirus Information

What we’re doing to keep you safe at your appointment during the Coronavirus outbreak

It is crucial that during the Coronavirus outbreak we maintain a supply of blood supply to the medical research field to help continue their vital work in developing new diagnostic tools, medications and therapies. We want to reassure our donors that during these times it is safe to continue donating with us and below have provided information on the steps we have put in place to ensure your increased safety during this time.

Please only attend your donation appointment if you are fit and healthy and have not been in recent contact with individuals with Coronavirus.

If you have tested positive and had symptoms of coronavirus you must wait 28 days from resolution of symptoms

If you have tested positive and not had symptoms of coronavirus you must wait 28 days from the date of your last positive test

If you have tested negative but had coronavirus symptoms you must wait 14 days from resolution of symptoms

If you had coronavirus symptoms but have had no test or awaiting a result of a test you must wait 28 days from resolution of symptoms

If you are/have been in self-isolation or household isolation or someone in your household has symptoms or tested positive you must wait 14 days from the first day of isolation

If you have been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, you may donate as long as you have not been asked to isolate and you remain well. If you do donate it is very important you let us know if you develop symptoms of coronavirus at a later date.

If you develop any symptoms of Coronavirus infection after donating, please contact us to let us know

To make donating even safer for you and our staff we’ve introduced extra safety measures during your appointment. These are as follows:

Ensuring social distancing

We are asking all donors to only attend at their specific appointment time (not too arrive early or late) to help maintain social distancing. This will prevent the clinic from becoming too busy or crowded and ensure plenty of distance between donors. 

We are asking donors to attend their appointments alone and not bring non-donating members of the public with them or their children.

Hand hygiene for donors and staff

There will be alcohol hand gel for donors to use on arrival and available throughout the clinic.

Staff routinely practice best hand hygiene procedure during and between seeing different donors. Our nursing team are trained in universal hygiene precautions to prevent the spread of infections.

Reduced staffing levels

Staffing levels have been reduced as a social distancing measure. We ask donors to be patient with us during these times as only nursing and management staff will be available in clinic. Therefore it may take longer for us to respond to any queries. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Cleaning surfaces

Staff are undertaking additional cleaning of surfaces such as donation chairs, the waiting room area and other communal areas to minimise risk of infection.